Premiered July 11-27, 2013 at Action/Adventure Theatre. Created and produced by String House Theatre. Drammy-nominated for Best Devised Theatre Production, 2014.

First, there's a Wild West Melodrama; The "play" that we are creating. An old, rich man dies, leaving his widow penniless while all of his funds are tied up in the research of Alchemy. The Alchemist must prove his scientific findings within a year, or all funds revert back to the widow. She is hell bent on getting her money back. An outlaw guide is hired to not only lead this ragtag group, but perhaps for another job as well. The Porter and The Mule have their own secrets, too! Will they get the gold they're all in search of or will they come to realize what's truly important? 

But it's also a fictional theatre company as they work to create this play. Group dynamics, love triangles, and frustrations abound.

Finally, there's us, as performers, using tricks and techniques to achieve the work we want. From warm-up rituals to wind-sprints to vocal reflections... creating a play is hard work. 

Pictured above (L to R): Corey O'Hara (The Mule), Calli Dunaway (The Porter), Katie Watkins ("Mr. Wolf" - The Prospector), Alex Leigh Ramirez (The Widow), and Sean Andries (The Alchemist).