Tarot Reading

Delve a little deeper into life.

From insights into "What will my next year look like?" to broad explorations of life's vast questions, a reading with Katie will provide a much-needed cleansing of your personal mirror; a chance to open yourself up, recognize the things that are already inside of you, and to move forward more deeply in our ever-evolving world. Get to know yourself better. Readings are available one-on-one in person at a location convenient to both parties. Katie is also available to read tarot at events such as galas, fundraisers, private parties and more.
Email katie@katiewatkinspdx.com to schedule a reading.




Reading at events

Need to add a little spice and spiritualism to your next big event? A fundraiser that needs a little help from the intuitive realm? Halloween is right around the corner, after all... 

Event fee: $100/hr
Fee waived for nonprofit events. 

Email katie@katiewatkinspdx.com to schedule.


More about Katie

Why do I do tarot? The mirror of the tarot sheds light under the surface of our lives; bringing attention to the things we're already thinking about; highlighting connections in every corner of our worlds. There is something so awe-inspiring about the knowledge that the tools to get through life are already inside you. My favorite deck? A Rider-Waite deck given to me by my mother.



"Katie's magic is this: she uses Tarot to start a conversation between "You" and "Your Thoughts You Didn't Know You Had." Rather than making proclamations or future predictions, she acts as a mediator for the dialogue you need to have with your psyche. It's couples counseling with yourself! (But also, straight-up witch vibes. She has it all!)" 

- Aubrey Jessen (actress, playwright)